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The GEP English Exam - A1

Es un examen testea las habilidades del estudiante para interacturar de manera simple, formular y responder preguntas sencillas acerca de si mismos, el lugar donde viven, la gente que conocen y las cosas que tienen.

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GEP A1 Exam

Grammar tested

  • Adjectives: common and demonstrative

  • Adverbs of frequency

  • Comparatives and superlatives

  • Going to

  • How much/how many and very common uncountable nouns

  • I’d like

  • Imperatives (+/-)

  • Intensifiers - very basic

  • Modals: can/can’t/could/couldn’t

  • Past simple of “to be”

  • Past Simple

  • Possessive adjectives

  • Possessive s

  • Prepositions, common

  • Prepositions of place

  • Prepositions of time, including in/on/at

  • Present continuous

  • Present simple

  • Pronouns: simple, personal

  • Questions

  • There is/are

  • To be, including question+negatives

  • Verb + ing: like/hate/love

  • GEP A1 Exam- Vocabulary tested

  • Food and drink

  • Nationalities and countries

  • Personal information

  • Things in the town, shops, and shopping

  • Verbs – basic

GEP A1 Exam

Topics of Conversation tested

  • Family life

  • Hobbies and pastimes

  • Holidays

  • Leisure activities

  • Shopping

  • Work and jobs

Trabajando en un proyecto
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