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My wife and I own a school and one day we were teaching when suddenly someone run the door bell. It was a woman asking for help, as there had been an accident close by the school.

The woman said a dog was injured and they didn´t know what to do. We went to the place and found a small street dog on the floor and the situation was quite ugly, the dog was almost dying.

We took it to the vet and it was checked, the car had broken it´s back and the doctor said the best thing to do was to put her to sleep, but we couldn´t do it, her look was kind of saying “Please don´t do it”.

We took it home and there she is…

Mechas - La perrita de Ciudad Bilingüe

Initially, Mechas had to live on the floor and dragging her body for a couple of weeks until we designed a wheel chair... She was very calmed, as if she knew we were working on a solution for her problem.

Once we designed the wheel chair she started working straight away, it took her about 5 minutes to learn how to use it. She can now run faster than our other dogs.

Mechas has been on different treatments, including acupuncture…

We will be publishing more information about Mechas progress online, follow us on social networks and keep up to date with the news. Thanks for visiting us...

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